Renovating is truly maddening. It really is. The first month that I owned my house, I didn’t live there because, well, it wasn’t livable. (I house-sat for my realtor and stayed with friends during that time.) But as more and more got done, I realized that if I waited until it was “ready”, I would be waiting a looooong time. And besides, a lot more gets done when that’s the place you go after work, rather than having to make a special trip over there and then a trip back to your friend’s house. And you can stay up till the wee hours working on it without having to wake anyone up when it’s time to go to bed. So after scraping off the cottage cheese ceiling, painting (thank you, Rodrigo), new carpet, and gutting and partially putting back together the bathroom among other things (many other things), I moved in! It wasn’t a dramatic “My house is finally ready!” move-in, more of a “Sigh. Here goes nothing.” move-in. I mean, would you be excited to get to bathe in this?


Or keep your toothbrush here?

Medicine cabinet

Maybe you would be. I was lucky to get my bedroom at least somewhat relaxing, so I have somewhere to unwind after the day. By no means is it decorated or finished, but it’s a pleasant contrast to the current bathroom.

My room

Remember the before?

Yeah. Much better. By the way, after removing the pee-soaked carpet and pad, we painted Kilz over the wood floors (not the kind of wood floors you could re-finish, so I didn’t feel too bad) to hopefully seal as much of the “substance” far below the new carpet.

Also, I had no idea how long tile would take. NO idea. I knew it was “a lot of work” and would “take some time” but I still wasn’t fully prepared. Especially since the window had to be built too, which was a project that was tough to get advice for (not many people have done glass block). I decided to go with glass block because I didn’t want to deal with water/mold in the window tracks and with a vent fan installed I didn’t see any reason to need an opening window in the shower. And glass block lets in a lot of good light. It’s probably not totally private, but hey, it’ just my back yard. Just don’t come over to take a shower while I’m having an outdoor garden party.