The kitchen is probably my least favorite part of the house so far, but that’s okay, because in March, my dad is planning a trip out here to spend some serious hardcore time doing a complete kitchen renovation. (Right dad?) But for now, this is what it looks like:

I hung up a rod from Ikea to hang utensils from, so they would be close to the stove since there’s no counter space over there. I also screwed that little box into the wall to put oil and cooking spray on. The microwave just sits under the window on a little table that was left behind by one of Jonny’s tenants.

Stove corner

Stove corner

The sink had a really bad leak. It went from a drip to a stream so I finally called the plumber. They came over and completely replaced the faucet. I’m not sure how much that will cost, but I’m glad since now it’s nice and aerated and not nasty looking, AND it doesn’t leak. I LOVE my plumbers. (On the same trip they also worked magic moving the toilet so the bathroom door will close and put washer hookups downstairs- more on that later.) Also, notice that nasty grout and caulk. I’m still working on de-nastifying it. Bleach has improved it, but I’m thinking of just putting a thin new layer of grout on top. I know it’s sanitized, but I can’t deal with how gross it looks. I still have yet to really cook in my kitchen, mostly because of the nasty countertops.

Leaky sink

Leaky sink

And a big thank-you to HUD for painting my kitchen floor. Thanks a LOT. Obviously this needs some improvement- Jonny wants to try out this floor confetti stuff that is really meant for a garage, but I’ll humor him. A layer of clear coat on top should last until the big makeover in March.


Nasty painted floor



And here is my cupboard. Almost every one of these dishes is from roommates past. And that cute little birdie is from Grandma Beth- don’t ask me what it’s doing in the cupboard though.



This is my little fridge nook. It’s sitting on a platform that’s above the stairs leading to the basement. If you were to walk down to that little landing, the back door would be to your right. So no, the fridge isn’t technically in the kitchen. Good thing I got french doors, because opening a big door might be a bit (more) awkward in this space.


So that’s the long and short of my kitchen.