You are witnessing the beginning of my first load of laundry ever on my beautiful new machine. I mean look at that thing- it has a PLAY button! And I’m pushing it!!

So exciting!

It was a load of towels, in case you were wondering. Here is how my little laundry “room” came to be. After I decided on a proper location in the basement, Jonny built a wall. It took him about 30 minutes because he is awesome. Then the plumbers came and installed a drain and hookups. Then the washing machine continued to sit in the basement unused for a few more weeks while my laundry piled up. Stan came over on Saturday (Halloween), and he and I hefted the machine over to its home, leveled it, screwed a few pipes together, plugged it in, and marveled at the machine of the future. Then I ran upstairs and got the towels we had used to dry Misty after her bath, and some other dirty rags and threw them in! And now for the actual room:

Just kidding. Maybe someday. For now, it’s this:


Hi Misty

My very own laundry room, complete with a chipping painted concrete floor. And the dryer is quite a beauty too:


Look at her there, being all bashful behind the clothes on the basement clothesline. It’s okay honey, all we need is a 220 and you’ll be good to go. Actually, the washer’s maximum spin cycle is so fast that the clothes come out of the washer almost dry anyway! It’s not a bad deal. And I’d like to hang my clothes as much as possible anyway, you know, to save money and energy (and the earth).

So that’s my latest excitement- being able to wash my towels. Thanks for all the help everyone! Muah.