I decided that just because there is still a tile saw in my living room, and a pile of home improvement miscellany in the corner, does not mean I can’t still try to make things a little prettier. One day on my lunch break I impulsively stopped at the DI  just to, you know, see if they’d gotten anything new since I’d been there two days before. Well they had, and I snagged it! There was a $4 table runner, a cute little $1 basket (I’m kind of obsessed with wicker), and one of those stick placemat things (I saw one at Ann Taylor Loft so I know they’re cool) which was a dollar. Six dollars poorer, I left the DI excited.

Here is what I created:


Table runner: $4

Black platter: free from Aunt Cindy, who was getting rid of it when she moved (thanks!)

Candles and reed diffuser: a housewarming gift from Aunt Soozie (thank you!)

Oranges: $1.50


Okay so  I never asked to be put on HGTV for my centerpiece skills, but I think it’s a pretty good autumn display  for five and a half bucks and stuff I had laying around.

Here is the wood placemat put to good use on the coffee table:


Don't mind the tile saw peeking out from the edge.

Over at my favorite home improvement blog they say to decorate in stages. I know these are humble beginnings, but besides curtains and paint, these are really my first decorating attempts. I hope I can develop some sort of style to make my own over time.