I’m discovering that on top of all the repairs, decorating, furniture shopping, paint choosing, and curtain hanging, there are still normal day-to-day things that have to be done when you own a house. I live on a beautiful tree-lined street:


which I love, but it makes for a lot of leaves to rake.

A lot.


Raking leaves is a lot of work, but I tell myself it counts as working out. And it helps that the weather has been amazing lately. It’s been a beautiful fall. And Misty has no complaints about plopping down in a soft bed of leaves and watching me (or her toy).


Now move it Misty!

A few other things that tend to sneak up on me are laundry, dishes (especially since I’ve been spoiled with a dishwasher and now I don’t have one), and dusting. Sheesh. Good thing it’s the weekend.

PS- I truly felt like I was a part the neighborhood the other day. I was driving down one of the busier streets, and a group of tween boys ran across the street right in front of traffic. I stopped for them, but they weren’t getting off so easily. Once they were across I rolled down my window, and in the crotchetiest voice I could muster, yelled “Get outta the road, kids!” They all started yelling back at me, but I just laughed and rolled my window back up. I felt so old, and so awesome.

Have a great weekend everyone!