I was cursed (blessed?) with tiny closets in both bedrooms of my house. They are about 3.5′ wide I think; just wider than a door. And it doesn’t help that I’m a hanger-upper- yes, I hang up everything. I remember my friend Summer laughing at me for hanging up my jeans. Is it that weird? Anyway, I just love how everything is so visible and accessible hung up, and it doesn’t wrinkle. Thankfully I found a little product that helped me with my small closet issue. It’s the closet doubler! And no, this isn’t a Biggest Loser-style product placement. All it is is another rod that you hang from your current rod.

Behold before the closet doubler:


And after:


Besides workout clothes and skivvies, that’s it folks, all the clothes I own. And I don’t ever want to have more than will fit in that little closet. They say (who, you ask? I don’t know) that the average person wears 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. And my affinity for thrift shopping and hand-me-down accepting makes it hard for me to keep the clothing to a minimum. But with the help of some friends I got rid of a ton of clothes that either I wasn’t wearing, or were ugly. Yes, sometimes I need a brutally honest outside opinion to tell me which pants make my butt look huge and which shirts scream 1997. Wendy is pretty much the perfect person for the job. Think Stacy from What Not To Wear- ruthless. You all should get a Wendy- it’s awesome/heartbreaking. Stay tuned to find out how I store the rest of my attire!

Anyway, the main point of the post was supposed to be organization, and how much better life is with it. I’m slowly learning that. I spent $8 on this closet doubler, but now when I look in there I know exactly where my pants and skirts are, and there is plenty of extra space so I don’t get overwhelmed just by opening my closet door. Don’t be afraid to buy something (if you can afford it) if you know it’s going to make your life easier!

A tip: I keep my gym bag in it’s own place (the top shelf in my closet) so it’s out of the way, yet easily accessible. I can use just about any excuse in the book to not work out, and keeping the gym bag ready eliminates at least one of those excuses! Does anyone else have a life-saving product they recommend for organization or otherwise?