My house brings me great joy and happiness. It has that old-house charm (and the old-house problems), and I can never be bored at home because there’s always something to do. Well, sometimes my house provides me with even more entertainment than usual, with its hidden gifts. I’m talking about the high-heeled shoe that Stan and Duncan found in my vacant lot of a backyard, along with the numerous pairs of socks, some weight-lifting equipment (which has become Misty’s favorite toy), and this gem, found behind some kitchen drawers:


Oh- sorry, I guess you can’t really see what it is because it’s been painted with a sprayer. Allow me to turn the page for you:


Knox *Sparkling* Gelatine Recipes

Mmmm. Who doesn’t love a good jellified food item? I’m sure we’ve all enjoyed a fruit salad like this one at an after-church social at some point in our lives, right? (Although I always remember them in a 9×13 pan with Cool Whip on top.)


But that’s not all, folks. The recipes keep getting yummier and yummier! Ie. scarier.

Consider the savory Tomato Jelly Ribbon Loaf:


It’s so pretty! What kid wouldn’t gobble that up? But maybe you’re a step above the rest of us, and can afford to eat some of the finer things. You may be interested in the Shrimp Chili Mold:


I was not aware that it was possible to combine seafood with Jello- excuse me, Knox. But those crazy Knox folks aren’t not done yet:


Salmon or Tuna Fish Mold

Yep, I’m afraid that’s all I can stomach this time around. I can now give the recipe book to the DI in good conscience; I only hope someone enjoys it as much as I have.

PS- I hope I didn’t offend anyone who may have actually prepared and/or eaten any of these. Rest assured that in my family, we ate plenty of bizarre and gross things, and I will probably be making fun of those at some point. And if you have partaken of any of the above dishes, or something equally as “fun”, I want to hear about it!

PPS- watch for the finished display of my blue chairs!