A while back, I featured this picture and told you that it was a sneak peak at my next project. Well that wasn’t entirely true, as other projects, like the tile, overtook this one and it has been sitting in my dining room for a few days now. The project is figuring out a color for two of these:

and gettin’ to it! I think I’ve decided on a rich dark stain. I’ve seen a lot of lavender rooms with all white furniture, which I think is pretty, but I’ve also seen them with dark wood. I think I would prefer some darker colors in the room, as there is already a lot of white and pastel. I also bought some of these blinds:

which are “semi-private” (um, okay) but I figure that’s better than the sheer-ish Ikea curtains I currently have. Plus they were about the least expensive window treatments I could find, and bonus: they’re bamboo, which is more environmentally friendly (the packaging says so!). I think they’ll go nicely with some dark stained dressers.

I looked all over the classifieds for some reasonable used small dressers/large nightstands, but to no avail. Maybe that’s an item that people just tend to keep. So I found these super cheapo Ikea children’s dressers, which I’m planning to use both as dressers and as nightstands. So they’re drightstands. Or nightssers. They are really tiny in terms of actually fitting clothes inside, but as you know, my goal is to keep my clothing to a minimum. I think I can do it.

So, I’m not sure when that project will get done, but it would be awesome if it could be this weekend before I go to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving. It would also be awesome to show you the completely finished bathroom by then, but that might be a bit of a stretch.

Here’s a refresher shot of my bedroom:

And before that:

Before that:

And I wish I had it from the same angle, but here’s a different view of the ultimate before:


So what do you think of my drightstands? Also, I have black curtain rods. Does that mean I need to have black hardware on the drightstands? (Drightstand drightstand drightstand.)