Friday, I made delicious black bean dip. It contained avocados, black beans, corn, green chiles, and copious amounts of cilantro. Mmm. Mmm, until I started seeing some of that cilantro regurgitated back into the sink from the drain!


I whined something about Drano, and Stan said I should try a plunger. I whined that I don’t have one. Then that sweetheart got under the sink (which was full of greasy cilantro-y water at the time) with a 5-gallon bucket, and unscrewed the P-trap (the thing that catches your jewelry if you drop it down the drain). The water gushed into the bucket, and when the sink was empty, he reached into the bottom of the bucket and pulled these out:

Here’s a closer look.

Stan looked at me scoldingly. “That knife is not mine!” I defended. Hence the name of the post- the knife is yet another hidden treasure that my house has given me. That rusty old knife was just waiting for a companion, in this case a hardened piece of grout, to come along so the two of them could clog up my sink together. And yes, the grout is my fault. Who knew that grout could harden long after you’d washed it down the drain? Okay I knew, but it’s just so convenient to do so. I’ve learned my lesson.

Drain works like a charm now.