I say part 1 because I took a LOT of pictures and I doubt I’ll have the patience to upload all that I want in one sitting. And as I have not been home to do any home improvement, I have to prove that I’ve been doing something.

“Home” may not really be accurate, as I only went to four years of high school in Fletcher, OK (population 1001). Home is pretty much where my parents are, and they’re still there, so yeah- home.

Ahh, Main St. It’s actually Cole St, but no one calls it that.

Here’s the jail:

And here’s the pizza place:

Well, it was the pizza place before a windstorm blew the roof in. Cute little park though, huh?

My parents’ house is different every time I go there. My mom “multitasks” in the same way I do, in that she starts a project and gets distracted and starts a couple more. I hate that about myself, but I love it about her. It keeps things fun. I loved walking around the house and seeing new things, and old things rearranged.

Here’s my old bedroom:

Most of those pieces are ones we’ve had for as long as I can remember and I like how she has them arranged in her homey-cutesy, but not over the top craft closet kind of way. I love that bed and the quilt, and the bedskirt.

I love this old sewing chair she has beside the bed:

These kitchen canisters belonged to my great-grandmother:

And this thing is so bizarre but I can’t help loving it:

I opened the closet and saw my old prom dress (made by my mom and my friend’s mom) staring me down:

I’m happy to report that I did still fit into it, but no, you will not be seeing any pictures of that.

My dad gave me the grand tour of the yard, as if I’d never seen it before. Well, it does look quite a bit different from the way it did when I lived here.

The bench on the left is an old ski lift.

Neat little stone bench and steps:

This is my dad’s method for moving rocks by himself:

I did a few backflips on the ol’ tramp:

My dad claimed he had been saving these just for me:

Then we went out back, where my dad’s huge garden is. Here he is puffing up his chest with pride:

Carrots in November!

And fresh parsley too!

We lived in a log cabin in Colorado for nine years before moving to Oklahoma. Our house was right on the river, and the railroad ran on the opposite side of the river. We used to cross an old sheep bridge all the time and explore the other side, and we collected a lot of these old insulators around telephone poles. It makes me happy that my parents still have a bunch of them around their yard.

And I can’t NOT show you the alligator:

which my dad insisted be hauled from Utah to Oklahoma by my mom in a sedan. It was hanging halfway out of the trunk for 1200 miles.

Home was nice, but as always, not long enough. Thanksgiving was the next day but for now it’s bedtime.