We’ve all had a room in our house look like this at one time or another, right? Right??

Oh fine, probably not. But my guest bedroom doesn’t look like that anymore! It looks like this!

Still cluttered!

But at least a guest could actually sleep in there. I’d been looking at futons for a while, and my realtor had one like this and I liked it. It’s smaller than most futons but two people could still sleep on it (cozily). I found one for really cheap on extreme clearance at Shopko. Yes, extreme clearance (I made that up). But really, it was so cheap that two store employees didn’t believe me and went back to check on the price. Duh. I don’t know what to do with those lamps. My grandma gave them to me and claims they’re antiques (if you’re reading this grandma I believe you!) but they’re just kinda… ya know… fifties or eighties, I can’t tell which. Those pink flowers are the worst part, so maybe if I just turn them around they could be cool.

Here’s the other side. I can’t find the hardware to put the legs on my piano for the life of me. But that’s where it’ll go if when I find it.

And here’s the view from the futon. Yikes, I need to do something about those wires. There is only one outlet in the room on the opposite wall, so right now I have a rather unsightly extension cord just running across the floor. I do plan on getting some electrical help to remedy that. But I’m happy to report that the following items were free: the TV (left behind by my brother’s tenant), the spider plant (Stan’s mom), the nightstand thingy (Aunt Soozie) and the plant stand thingies (Aunt Soozie). I found a DVD player on sale at Costco, but then I discovered that it’s too wide to put on the nightstand. Tear. But I don’t watch that many movies so I’ll probably just wait to hook it up until I find another TV stand. I’ll have to just do my Denise Austin workouts on my laptop until then. “Grrreat.”

I need some help though. Once I get the piano set up, is the room too small to keep the desk in there? I’m thinking of another place in the house where it could go, so it may not have to stay in here. Oh, and obviously- OBVIOUSLY- I need some serious decorating help. And I take really bad pictures and most of them are at night because I leave when it’s dark and come home when it’s dark (poor me). I told Stan that I wanted a fancy camera so I could make my house look prettier on my blog and he cautiously said something like “What about, um, photography technique?” So I asked him to show me how to take better pictures with the camera I have, which he will do between researching rocks and water and inversion theory (math, not weather). So yeah, you can get excited for slightly better pictures in the future.

Oh, and don’t forget what it looked like before.