I finished these unfinished Ikea RAST dressers a while ago, but I just haven’t gotten around to showing you yet.


I decided to just do them white. I thought I would stain them dark, but that was boring (and white’s… not?). I tried to do a cool stripe design but it looked like it belonged in an 8 year-old’s room in the 80’s. So I just bailed on that idea and did them white, which worked out nicely because I had some paint leftover from the bathroom. I may end up adding a cute stencil or stripes or something later, who knows.

I had to do a couple coats, and I probably should have sanded them better first, because they were pretty rough:

I should also probably do a clear coat on the top to protect them from all my snotty tissues and magazines (eww magazines!).

Trying to be thrifty, I bought a 10-pack of knobs. I needed 12 knobs total, so I picked out two more that looked the same from the little bins. Well, once I unwrapped them they weren’t exactly the same (uh… not even really close)

but after fretting for a while (and Matt giving me “the look” when I asked him if I should take them back) I decided it didn’t matter. I liked the shiny ones better but unfortunately those were not the ones in the ten-pack so I just put them on a bottom drawer.

The nightstands/dressers give me enough space for all my skivvies, pajamas, and workout clothes so yay!

I think they go well in there, even though Wendy says they look like they belong in a little girl’s room (THANKS). I do want to bring more dark colors into the room though, because it’s feeling a little Eastery. Hmm.