Aren’t my post titles clever?

Do you ever put something off because you think it’s going to be hard, or just a pain… so you buy some blinds and they sit in their packages all rolled up in the corner of you room… and you stare at them every time you walk by… threatening them that one of these days you’re going to get the better of them and actually hang them up… and there’s nothing they can do to stop you… after you watch one more episode of 30 Rock? Does anyone else do that?

And then, you finally get all geared up to do it, and it turns out that that task you’ve been dreading is really easy. Like, really easy.

Turns out, all you gotta do is drill two holes with a 1/16 bit, and then screw the little hooks in, and hang your blinds like you’re hanging a picture!

Done! Why did I wait so long??

I quite like them. I do think I need some more dark colors so they don’t look so out of place, but I like them. My SIL says that they’re not very private… I’ll have to go outside and tell Stan to pretend he’s changing his clothes so I can see for myself the voyeur-factor. But they let in just enough morning light to get me out of bed, and that may be worth a few sneak peeks every now and again. Just kidding.