Thanks to Stan’s dad, who happens to be a licensed electrician, I got a lot of stuff done this week. Well, they got a lot of stuff done while I was at work. They replaced my whole electrical panel and installed a grounding system. Wow! Thanks guys!

I don’t have a “before” pic of the old panel (why would I?) but here it is lying defeated in the truck bed trailer.

Ta-dah- the macho new one!

OK in case you can’t tell, it’s much bigger, and there’s a lot of other stuff about it that’s better that I don’t really know about. It took Stan, Duncan, and their dad Brad about 4-5 hours to do this. Whew! I asked Brad how he felt about his line of work- you don’t really get to see a dramatic “after” or anything. He said it was actually pretty gratifying though, and he also likes to plan lighting so that part would be pretty cool.

Anyway, it’s important that it was bigger, because I plan on finishing the basement. Now there are lots of nice empty spots for future breakers to go. And since the basement will likely be a little mother-in-law apartment (supplemental income baby) it’s good that it’s in the stairwell so both parts of the house can access it when they blow a breaker blow-drying their hair while making toast and microwaving leftover Mexican food while they watch TV in the kitchen.

More stuff I don’t know about: They put in a grounding rod that looks like this:

Hard to believe that that thing is actually about 8 feet tall! I have no idea how they pounded it into the ground that far, and how they got so lucky as to not hit any rocks on the way down. So the grounding rod is important because if there’s some deviant electricity and you’re nearby then it would rather go down the grounding rod and into the ground instead of going through your body and into the ground. Or something like that.

An obstacle they faced when replacing the panel was the shower line- the plumbers had cleverly snaked it around the old panel, but since this one is much bigger, Brad had to cut it. But he very sweetly came back the next day and fixed it. It cracks me up how wonky it looks (and I’m definitely NOT criticizing because there really isn’t any other way!) and now every time I turn on the shower I’ll think of the water flowing around and around all those turns before it gets to me.

Oh and see that outlet just to the left of the panel? Yeah- that’s the one that used to be in the shower. My brother used his creative genius and just turned it around to get it out of there. Awesome.

Obviously I still need to patch the walls. I really couldn’t be more grateful for all their hard work! I didn’t even lift a finger on any of this.

And for fun, I’ll show you another Hidden Treasure like this one and this one. I guess they used to insulate wires with newspaper:

A 1 year-old car for $3697- yes please!

As a side note, for those who live in Utah and know that Larry Miller is a big car dealership- who is this Laury Miller character?