My brother sent an email trying to plan how we’re going to spend Christmas and Christmas Eve. Among suggestions of dune-buggying, eating, and shooting stuff (that was on there, right?) he suggested doing projects around my house. What a nice brother, right? That’s the way my family is- no, he doesn’t owe me anything, he just looks at me (probably with a pitying frownsmile) and thinks “That girl still hasn’t grouted ________ or painted _____ or cleaned up ________ .” And that stuff sort of makes its way onto his to-do list. My fam is hard to explain.

Anyhow, so I was saying “There really isn’t anything big that I need help on, we should do something else.” His response: “Oh really? Your back door needs a doorknob, your front door needs weatherstripping, you need to paint your fireplace, and your front door…” then I started realizing that yes, I need to hem all of my curtains that just lay bunched up on the floor, and fix the bathroom doorknob so it doesn’t lock you inside, and take that nasty old rug to the DI, and put on switchplate covers,  and do some more cleaning up… ahh, I discovered a to-do list that I didn’t even realize I had.

Oh and laundry.

Merry Christmas!