I reckon I had a nice little Christmas break… not from work, necessarily, but from a few things like blogging… and blogging. But thankfully the break was a productive one, so at least I’ll have a few things to write about!

First of all, if you’ve visited my I Want To page, you may have seen that one of my goals is to run a marathon. Well! (drumroll) I took a leap of faith/stupidity and signed up for one! In April! In California! With HILLS!


The training plan is as follows (note my diligence at crossing off the days I complete- but I wasn’t that diligent in week 1 ’cause it was Christmas).

So yes, yesterday I did run 7 miles with Carrie and Kristin. And you know, it wasn’t that bad. It’s funny- last year when we were training for the Salt Lake Half Marathon, we were all freaking out about 7 miles- heading down to Running Co. to buy gels and blocks and whathaveyou. This time, I woke up Saturday morning, rolled over and texted Carrie “Are you doing 7 miles with us” and dragged my butt out of bed to meet them 30 minutes later. No big deal!

Except really, 26.2 miles is a big deal. We’ve done 13.1

but let me tell you, by mile 12.5 I was thinking “Iwanttostop Iwanttostop I’mneverrunningafullmarathon thissucks makeitstop Stanstoptakingpicturesofme”. What is it about the human spirit that makes us want to torture ourselves? To push ourselves to our absolute limits by doing crazy things? And how, in that same body, can there possibly exist someone who sometimes only wants to watch 30 Rock all day and do nothing else? Fortunately I have some pretty awesome friends who had a crazy moment and signed up too, so now we’re all stuck in it together and can push each other. Fortunately too, it’s in Big Sur, and goes along the most beautiful stretch of highway in the country, Hwy 1. So between that, visiting the aquarium in Monterey, patching bloody blisters, and massaging sore legs, this should be an awesome trip!

And as this is Hip HOUSE Girl’s blog, I’ll share a little something we did in the house. Stan came over one day and helped me go through my front bedroom, which is where all the junk goes that doesn’t have any other place. We got rid of about 2 garbage cans full of papers (what papers you ask? Beats me!) and a carload of stuff for the DI. Where was it all?? I have no idea. He also set up my piano finally (so I can stop piling it onto 2 coffee tables every time I get the urge to play something), and we moved the desk out into the dining room.

This is the guest room before:

And after the removal of the desk and a whole lotta clutter (the sewing machine won’t stay there):

Yeah, I lift weights.

I’ll say it again: I really need to decorate. But the angled futon is an improvement, no? Not so tight in there now? I’m sure I’ll enjoy the space when I’m doing my Denise Austin DVD.

This is where we put the desk:

I guess I could put the skis somewhere else.

It’s right next to the front door, but I think with a little lamp and something on the wall it can be it’s own little desk zone.

And for those of you who aren’t impressed by a little furniture rearranging and a marathon, you just hold your pretty little horses because we also did some yard work, kitchen planning, and some more kitchen planning (March is coming right up!)