I think I’ve been rather patient about my kitchen. Kudos to me!

It’s funny- when I was looking at the house, I kept thinking about how gross and inadequate the kitchen was, and how that would be a top priority if I bought it. Well, here we are 4 months later, and it still hasn’t been remodeled. But it’s scheduled for March, when my wonderful father is coming to the City of Salty Lakes for a business meeting, and is going to squeeze in a kitchen remodel between seminars and fancy lunches.

It does not, however, look exactly the same as it did on day 1. Look at these nasty countertops- the tile is charming, but would you want to chop onions anywhere near this?

I bleached and I scrubbed, and Soft Scrubbed and toothbrushed. But it still looked gross and made me run to the nearest Taco Bell in lieu of cooking. So I found this little tube of grout repair stuff, and just covered up the bad stuff! That’s okay, right? For 6 months, I think it’s just dandy.

It’s still not perfect, but between the white grout lines and my personal knowledge of how many bacteria have been eradicated by bleach, I am now able to not go into fits of gagging should a stray carrot find it’s way off the cutting board.

The cabinets were also painted inside and out with a sprayer, which helped quite a bit. The other nasty thing was the floor:

which was painted experimentally with those flecks that you’d normally see in a garage:

and I couldn’t be more pleased with it. On the occasions that I remember to mop, it shines and sparkles just like the above photo. It’s cleanable, tough, and looks cool in my opinion.

So those are my temporary tide-me-overs. Anyone else out there ever have a temporary but nice fix until you could get the real deal?