but I do have a to-do list!

1. Go to Home Depot and return knobs I never used and some extra circuit breakers. Buy paint for the fireplace, one of those chimney-cleaning logs, some quarter-round for the bathroom, and some caulk.

2. Utilize above supplies- quarter-round in the bathroom, paint fireplace, light fire with special log (my first fire ever in my fireplace!), finish caulking bathroom. Yikes it’s embarrassing that I haven’t done that yet.

3. Run 3 miles (already done- WAHOO!) as part of marathon training. When I finished today, I was dripping in sweat as usual, and this woman came up to me and said “I wish I was already finished too!” I must have looked like I just ran 8 miles instead of 3.

4. Give Misty a bath.

Just thought you all might want to know.