I think there is probably some really cool stone under this fireplace, but the previous owners/crackheads had painted over it with this textured gray RhinoLiner-type stuff which is really hard to strip off. Jonny tried seeing what a burnt red would look like, but I wasn’t too crazy about it.

Over at my favorite home improvement blog, they are all about painting brick white, especially fireplaces. And when Jonny told me that one of his (stylish) clients had recently requested his whole rock fireplace be painted white, I knew I had to give it a try.

Ta-dah! Better, no?

Here’s a shot of the whole room, so you can see how it really brightens it up.


As always, this room is far from finished and I still need to decorate and get some chairs and blah blah blah. But I did finally get around to hemming those curtains.

But what should I do with that brass? Polish it? Spray paint it black or some other color?

Update: Please click here to see the finished fireplace!