I love my city, but I heard on the radio yesterday that we are currently #1 in the nation for worst air quality. Great.

I think this is due to a variety of reasons (other than our sprawled out valley full of subdivisions and highways). If you live here, you’ll hear a lot of talk about the “inversion”, which means when it gets cold, all the pollution just sits down in the valley, like a big bowl of Polluta-Bits cereal.

And although I try to do my part by recycling, living close to work to make for a short commute, keeping my house between 58-62 degrees (no, I’m not exaggerating) except for when company comes, etc, I know that I am far, far from blameless. I still drive, I still run on the treadmill, I still use a fridge to keep my food cold and a stove to cook it.

What’s the point? None, really, except that I didn’t have anything else to post today. It’s just kinda sad that the air quality outside is so bad that even if I wanted to run outside in the cold today, it would be a bad idea. You know, because of the carcinogens.

So this will be me at lunchtime today, contributing even more to the smog:

instead of this:

Or maybe this is more accurate: