I had some time to play around with Google Sketchup this weekend, and Stanley taught me how to actually use it! Jonny and I went up to Rexburg, ID to visit my brother and his adorable family (according to Collin the word for “cereal” is actually “fresset”…?). Pretty much the whole way up there I pored over this Sunset design guide for kitchens book. I’m sure Jonny appreciated me helping him stay awake. So, I’ve come up with a new plan and it’s here:

I moved the stove to the left so it’s no longer in front of the chimney, because that made it stick out too far. And now that corner counter space is more usable I think.

Under the bar, I thought this was a cool idea:

(Please excuse the picture of a picture)

On the left side, the baskets will be accessible from the kitchen side too.

Oh! Stan just sent me this new image:

And above the stove, this:

I’m not sure if one of those fancy hoods would be too much in that tiny kitchen, but I love how the utensils hang there. They’re all clearly visible, right where you need them, and you don’t have to take up (oh so precious) counter space with a canister full of them.

Here’s a shot of the other side:

Notice the fridge is now on the floor where it’s meant to be, instead of a foot higher (because it’s currently on a landing right over the stairs and you need head clearance).That makes for not very much counter space over by the sink. Should I go for a smaller than usual sink? I personally wouldn’t mind, especially since I have a dishwasher, but I wonder how that could affect resale to have an abnormally small sink in the kitchen. I mean, it is a pretty small house, and definitely a small kitchen.

You’ll probably also notice that there are just a few upper cabinets. That’s because where we moved the fridge, we put in a pantry with a sliding door (it will slide back behind the fridge). Yes, it will probably still have the quirky step, but I don’t really have too many options here. And I totally did away with uppers on the stove side- just hanging pots and pans, hanging utensils, and a couple of open shelves for cute bowls or something. Almost every kitchen in my design book has open shelving, and I love it because it saves a bunch of money! Plus, I think it will help the tiny space feel more open.

I met with Matt’s cabinet guy, who he was very pleased with, while I was in Rexburg. He’s going to give me a bid and I really hope I can afford it because I’d rather use him than a chain store.

Any comments/suggestions/questions on the latest greatest kitchen design?

(PS I had lots of input on this too, and you know who you are so thank you) 🙂