I was looking through some old pictures on my computer, and I came across this:

Anyone know what this is? This is the house the started it all- the one that first tickled my fancy for homeownership. Yes, this is ol’ “pink ‘n’ white” as we so affectionately referred to her (for her artfully chosen exterior colors).

I believe it was right at the beginning of the downturn in the economy when I (or Jonny, or someone) came across this house. It was listed at $100,000, which was by far the lowest I had ever heard of for a house in SLC. And suddenly, I realized that hey- I could afford that! Of course it would cost much more than $100k- it would need a LOT of work and money. But it was completely gutted (dad says that’s the worst part anyway) and in a cute neighborhood, with a nice yard and a garage. I wish I had a picture of the outside.

Aaah, kitchen and living room areas:

Stairs that probably once led to a couple of bedrooms:

And a nice, relaxing place to soak after a hard day’s work:

As it turned out, the house was so rough (ya think?!) that they would only accept a cash offer so it was out of the picture pretty much immediately. But I am actually very grateful that this house existed- it really got my wheels turning. Even now I can picture it all fixed up cute, sheetrocked and painted, with three bedrooms and two baths… whoever managed to score this beauty is a lucky person!

No looking back though. Maybe one day when I’m rich I’ll scour neighborhoods for gems like this and fix them up all cute. Jeez, I’m sounding more like my dad every day.