It’s true that I am a bit of a treehugger. I mean, I still shave my armpits and bathe regularly, but I also engage in such activities as recycling, driving a small fuel-efficient car, and consuming things secondhand as often as I can (it helps that I’m cheap- er, frugal).

One treehugger thing that I do is subscribe to Mother Earth News. We always made fun of my dad for getting this magazine because the title sounds so… so… treehuggerish! But as with many things, I have grown up and realized that my dad may have been on to something.

The article that tickled my fancy in the latest edition was about a middle-aged couple who lives in a 480 sq ft house. How cool is that? I particularly like the article because they didn’t act all pious about it. In fact, it was more of a financial decision- they could no longer afford to build the “real” house they’d been planning on. But with some great design, an open floor plan, and a clutter-free policy, they have really learned to love living small.

I love small houses, mostly because there is less to clean. But there’s also less to heat and cool, less to furnish, and less to worry about in general. Now, I’m not judging you if you live in a big house (unless you live in a McMansion on the east bench of Salt Lake with a Hummer or two parked in the driveway, then I might judge you a little bit ;-)). I’m just expressing my delight at creatively using small spaces to meet your needs. I stumbled upon this blog called Yellow Brick Home and really fell in love. They really know how to work 650 square feet, and with plenty of color to boot! Call me crazy, but I honestly believe that if I won the lottery tomorrow, I would live in something like that before I’d live in a big ol’ nasty house. I am also a big fan of this awesome Airstream.

One last small space idea. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m really excited to try Square Foot Gardening this spring. It’s just what it sounds like- you can grow as small or as big a garden you like- all in increments of square foots. You could even grow a 1 sq ft garden if you have very limited space or only have a patio! I realize it might be a bit ambitious to tackle a garden with all my other projects, but supposedly these kinds of gardens are extremely easy to maintain once you have them going. I think it would be cool to do one or two 2×5 gardens.

Treehuggers unite!