We went to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City this weekend. We did, in fact, see a celebrity. It was Colin Hanks! Tom Hanks’ son! He was in Orange County!! And HOUSE BUNNY!!!

And of course we saw our hot selves:

We also saw some firsthand work by another “celebrity”. His name is Banksy. Anyone heard of him? You can check out his site here. He’s an anonymous street artist, and his pieces are pretty satirical and poke fun at bits and pieces of our society. They are really pretty cool. He “hit” the side of the Java Cow in downtown Park City just a few days before. It’s a reporter taking an image of a flower that he’s pulled out of the ground (in case you didn’t get it):

I love it. Too bad there’s a picture of me by it but I’m making a really dumb face. But I like how this one has the snow and everything. Maybe I’ll have it printed and hang it up in my house somewhere (there, now this post is house-related).