I’m pretty sure that my living room is smaller than many people’s bedrooms. And it’s not really an open room either- so I need some help positioning furniture.

I suppose I might want to buy some furniture and some point… but that comes later.

Sadly I’m afraid that this tiny room is not big enough for my couch (which I scored for $110 from ksl.com!) so I will need to sell it and possibly get a love seat. So, can we all just pretend that the couch is a love seat for now? Couch = love seat. Couch = love seat. Ready? OK.

Option 1

(The little triangle table on the left will one day be replaced by an entryway bench.)

Option 2

Now there actually is a reason there is a sock draped over the couch, other than I am a slob with laundry lying around everywhere (which I won’t deny). It’s to show you where 60″ is (the smallest love seats I’ve seen). The couch itself is 88″. Obviously Option 2 leaves too narrow a space to walk into the living room if I keep the couch. But that’s why we’re pretending that the couch is a love seat.

So what do you think? I like Option 1 because it’s more open, but I like Option 2 because it’s cozier.

And how much other crap can I fit in there? Love seat and one chair? Love seat and two chairs? Coffee table? Storage ottoman(s)?

Is it weird to not own a couch?

Don’t be shy!