I got so many good ideas from you guys- to think I only had Option 1 and Option 2- sheesh! Now I have a bazillion!

RC Willey has this nifty floor planning tool which is lots of fun to play around with.

The items in red are static and I was too lazy to put them on every drawing so just refer back to this one if you please.

Kasey sent me this picture and suggested a chaise

which could be set up this way:

Since there’s no back on it, it wouldn’t block the view of the fireplace, and would join dining room and living room (you could face either way sitting on it).

Or I could get one with more of a back and one arm and arrange it like this:

Or like this:

My sis sent me this picture

which could look cool arranged like this:

and it would still seat quite a few people and not block the fireplace as much.

I could also just forgo the love seat/chaise and do three chairs:

although that would only seat… three people (plus the ottomans I guess).

I like this idea, but it’s just a bit too crowded. That’s not a very big space on either side of the love seat (or apt sofa) and it probably isn’t very inviting:

This one might work too (or the opposite, with the love seat under the window) but it still feels a bit cramped.

Kim gave me the idea of a sectional, which had never crossed my mind as that’s normally something you would put in a large room. But then I saw this thing at Ikea

which may be the right mix of sectional couch and chaise. It’s small, but offers a lot of seating and I like how you could sit on it facing the dining room.

But what if I wanted to rearrange, like this?

For less of a commitment (to which side of the love seat the chaise is on) it might make sense to buy a love seat and a matching ottoman that is the same look and height, so it just looks like the Ikea one but you can still change it up. Something like this (except not this exact one):

but obviously just a love seat and ottoman, and push them together to make it look like a love seat/chaise.

Then there is always the idea of switching the LR and DR, but I’m just not sure about that because I feel like I wouldn’t fully get to enjoy the fireplace, and plus it’s kind of awkward because the natural pathway is from the front door to the kitchen and hall, and it cuts right through the middle of the living room:

Thanks again for all your ideas! Has anyone’s opinion changed? What seems to be the best “flow”? I am kind of leaning toward the love seat + ottoman = love seat chaise thing, but as always I’m open to suggestions!