If I have to have a useless, awkward chimney jutting out into the kitchen and getting all up in my grill, it should at least showcase some cool-looking exposed brick. Which is why I am devoting hours of my life to chipping away the paint, wallpaper, and plaster from this old thing.

Yep, slow going. And as you can see I did not adequately cover up the stove to protect it from whoknowswhat from the walls, nor did I wear a dust mask. A concerned Stan got quite irritated with me at that and hauled the Shop vac up from the basement to fix my inadequate cleaning up job (admittedly I was planning on just leaving the mess and working on it a little more every day, but then I had a serious hankering for some huevos rancheros and had no choice but to clean off the stove, which is probably for the best anyhow). That was a long sentence.

My hilarious brother (and Stan too) always talks about leaving things half finished around your house and not cleaning up messes as you go and how that’s no way to live. I know they’re right but I’m just so laaaaazy sometimes. I’ll do better I swear!

Anyway, maybe I can look forward to something with this kind of charm

I know some people hate exposed brick, but I happen to love it.