This weekend Stan and I spent hours in the yard. No, not sipping Pellegrino with lime in a hammock while watching the Superbowl on our outdoor big screen (Superbowl- that’s football, right? -Stan), but raking and cutting and burning. But it was actually pretty fun- I got to use my birthday present from Jonny:

(Check out that huge pile of dead things in the background- that’s nothing compared to how much we actually got rid of.) Isn’t that a sweet little burn barrel? Look at the bike cog, and the motorcycle chain around the top! Soon I hope to use the present for leisurely marshmallow roasting and not just utilitarian branch burning.

And we made some important discoveries throughout the day, such as how Misty manages to escape over the fence without getting a running start. I tried to get it on camera, but she is very sneaky. I did see her do it though- she just jumps straight up and pushes off the house and goes straight over the fence. We also discovered some of her old favorite toys that had been buried in the snow.

I love her face in this one- boy did we tucker her out.

And boy can that dog jump! She jumps like this every time I get home.

So yes, we spent the day trying to create a “before” for the yard. After raking up 4- or 5 bags of leaves, filling up 2 city trash cans, and burning a whole lot more, we’re getting close to seeing a blank canvas of a yard, in which I can put all of the things I talked about in this post. Aaahh.

PS I totally look like Napoleon Dynamite in the one where I’m throwing the toy.