Thanks Sara from Russet St. Reno for giving me this happy award. It was just what I needed to make my Monday happy.

As directed, I am listing ten things I like (in no particular order):

My awesome friends

Note: not *all* of my awesome friends are pictured here 🙂

Need I say more?

The men in my life

I was lucky enough to be raised by a half-genius, half-insane, all-awesome father.

Growing up I idolized my brothers (still do).

Stan and his twin, Duncan, do a lot to help me around this joint.

This is an old pic- check out that badass hair!


Cooking it, eating it, ordering it, eating it, planning it, eating it…

Ipod touch

I never got the “There’s an app for that” jokes before. My world has changed.


Admittedly this one is love/hate. Sometimes I genuinely love the feeling of running down the street blasting Daft Punk in my headphones and feeling invincible, and other times I hate putting right in front of left yet again with salty sweat running into my eyes, my shoulders slumped, my enchiladas creeping up my throat (sick, I know, I’m sorry) and people driving by probably wondering if I’m going to make it. I am 100% sure that I will cry during/after the marathon in April.

Home improvement blogs


Biggest Loser/LOST/30 Rock

These are my shows. (Oh and I may or may not have a schoolgirl crush on Alec Baldwin. Gross I know.)

Camping and the outdoors

Backpacking in The Uintahs

Come onnnnn summer!


They always make me laugh! From Naked Gun to Spaceballs to Mystery Science Theater 3000 to my favorite spoof blog, Seriously, so blessed! If “my life is perfect” blogs make you want to puke, and particularly if you live in Utah, then definitely check this one out!

Thrift store shopping

15 minutes to kill? Perfect, I’ll just swing by the DI/Goodwill/Salvation Army real quick. I head straight for glassware, furniture, decor, and fabric. I’m nothing compared to my sister though- I have been known to turn into a skeleton while she’s perusing women’s blue-striped shirts.

So there ya go! It’s a pretty generic list, but then again you probably don’t want to hear about all the really personal things I like, like sock-flossing. You know what I’m talking about. (Oh, you don’t? Then you’re less gross than me.)

Now for 10 blogs that I feel deserve the Happy 101 Award:

Aubrey and Lindsay’s blog

Little Red Roost

Thrifty Little Blog

Little House on the Corner

Recycled Lovelies

My brother’s blog

Yellow Brick Home

DC Rowhouse

This Old Crack House

Just Beachy