Since this week has been pretty busy, I haven’t had time to snap any pictures of what’s been going on around my house. So instead, I will gratefully accept my Kreativ Blogger award from Kasey by listing five things about myself. Thanks Kasey! Are you guys getting sick of hearing all about me yet?

1. I can’t finish things. Whether it’s homework, dishes, or any other project, I always get right to the end and lose steam. I’ve actually had my bathroom pretty much done for months now, but I haven’t decorated it, which is why I haven’t done a big reveal on my blog. I just can’t bring myself to make the commitment! (You can check it out so far at the bottom of my Tour page.)

2. My dog Misty is a foster dog. I love her very much but I also can’t commit (hmm, commitment issues?) to adopting her because she has some issues of her own, such as that she has been known to get into fights with other dogs. She’s great with humans though.

3. When I applied for college I was planning on majoring in piano performance. I even got some scholarships, but I changed my mind. I ended up majoring in International Studies with minors in Business and Spanish. Now the plan is to get a Master in Nutrition (I know, wth?)

4. I’m training for a marathon, but a couple years ago I could never have imagined myself running for more than 20 minutes straight. Oh, how we can surprise ourselves!

5. I grew up in a log cabin right on the Colorado River. Our house was heated solely by a wood-burning stove, and the only time we had any TV channels was when the Olympics were on and someone would have to go on the roof to tweak the old antenna just right. My grandma used to send us VHS tapes of cartoons. So needless to say, I missed out on quite a bit of pop culture from the 90’s. I wouldn’t have had it any other way though! (If my friend Matt read my blog, he would leave this comment: “Der ner ner ner ner ner -banjo music from Deliverance”.)

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Thanks again Kasey!