This weekend my brother Matt (so so sensible!) made me sit down and sketch up a timeline for my kitchen remodel (which is only a month away OMG!!!!!) Here’s how it’s looking:

Day 1:

Tear out wall between dining room and kitchen

Tear out wall where the fridge is so it can be turned 90° and actually face into the kitchen

Tear out cabinets

Day 2:

Patch walls and ceiling

Prep floor for tile

Figure out wiring (currently there are switches and outlets in the walls I’m planning to demo)

Start tiling

Day 3:

Finish patching walls

Finish tile


Frame in fridge “compartment”

Day 4:

Cabinets installed (either professionally or by my dad, who is pretty close to a professional)

Day 5:

Countertops installed (laminate, unless I find some cheap scraps of solid surface somewhere)

Can flood lights

Day 6:

Set sink

Hook up plumbing

Run gas line for stove


If there’s time:

Refinish wood floors!

What do you think? Am I crazy and trying to fit too much in? Not enough to keep everyone busy? My wonderful sister is coming to help- and I know she means business because she’s not even bringing any kids! Basically the whole fam damily is going to be there at one time or another. And now for some eye candy, here are some images of what I have in mind…

I love the simple Shaker style with a warm finish

I really like the above backsplash, but will it become dated too quickly?

Here is a more classic backsplash that is a little more tame but still looks cool

I’m thinking smoky gray counter tops and same color tile on the floor. I have no idea about wall color yet.

Too see my layout ideas, look here and more recently here. I’m pretty much decided on the last one though.

PS- congrats to Kasey for completing her first marathon!