So I have a question for all you “housies” (I made that up) out there. As you probably know, my kitchen gut job is not very far away.

Here is the sink side of the kitchen, as drawn up by my wonderful cabinet guy. He came up with the shallow pantry idea so the fridge can open.

Here’s the question: should I get a small sink? Like this’n from Ikea?


  • Fits a 24″ base instead of the regular 30″ or 36″, meaning more counter space
  • Since I’ll have a dishwasher, I don’t need 2 sink bowls for handwashing (except a pot or pan here and there)
  • It’s almost 10″ deep, and with a high arching faucet I can still easily fit big pots in there.


  • Is it bad for resale to have a sink that is not standard?
  • Will I be able to find this size sink again if I ever need to replace it?
  • Is the extra counter space worth having less sink?

So here’s where I need your help: If you were looking at buying a house, would you walk into a kitchen with a small sink like that and think “Weird, why don’t they have a normal sink?” or would you think “That was a good way to get a little more counter space, and who needs a big sink when you have a dishwasher?” Or would you think nothing of it? I need to decide pronto because he’s going to start building pronto.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!