We had about an hour before I had to be home to meet the cabinet guy so he could take measurements, and decided to stop by RC Willey, just to check things out. I knew I needed appliances (my current stove is a loner from my brother, and my current fridge came from a used appliance store and is a little too big, not to mention not terribly easy on the eyes). I had been looking online, and had pretty much decided to skip the whole stainless steel craze and go with black. Not that I don’t like stainless steel, in fact I really quite like it, but I just didn’t think it was worth it to spend the extra dough.

That is…


I saw…

a beautiful SS gas stove on clearance and a wonderfully shiny and perfectly sized (fingers crossed!) SS fridge for cheap!

Behold the stove:

It has an oblong center burner, and the grate can be swapped out for a flat grill that came with it. PANCAKES! FAJITAS!! It’s standard sized at 30″, but I’m still hoping that it’s not so big and chunky that it overwhelms the tiny kitchen. I really like to cook, so I’m excited about having a gas stove with sealed burners and cast iron grates that cover the whole stove, so you can easily slide pots and pans around. As you can see, there are some tape bits on it, which is why it was on clearance. No, those aren’t scratches. Hopefully Goo Gone or something will take that off. Total: $545 plus he threw in a 5 year warranty.

Don’t feel left out, fridge, you’ll have your moment:

She’s an 18 cubic foot beauty (more standard I think is 21.5 cubic feet), reversible doors, but other than that nothing fancy. No icemaker, water dispenser, etc. It does have glass shelves, which my sis-in-law told me to watch out for so that if something spills on the top shelf it won’t dribble all the way down to the bottom as it would with wire shelves. Good thinking. I don’t mind that it’s no-frills because I’m fine with making my own ice in trays and getting water from the tap. Plus, that means less parts to break. The fridge was on sale (although I swear everything at RC Willey is perpetually “on sale”) and since I bought the floor model it was even cheaper. Total including rebate from Rocky Mountain Power: $480.

I really like how the stove is a mix of black and SS, since that leaves me free to get either for the dishwasher. I really never planned on getting stainless appliances, but I thought these were a pretty good deal and I know how crazy everyone goes for them when it comes to resale. Plus, I like them too. I also thought about getting used ones again, which probably would have saved me a bunch more money, but it’s nice to not have to worry about them breaking. And if kitchens sell houses, then I think it was a wise move. Right? Right?? I kept calling it an impulse purchase, but Jonny put my mind at ease when he said “You knew you needed them anyway, it’s not like you didn’t even need them and then you went to some Tupperware party and blew a bunch of money.” So true, Jonny. So true.

Good thing I have Jonny (my bro) around and he is so nice, because that meant I didn’t have to pay to have them delivered. Part of the deal is that the appliances have to live in my living room for the next month since RCW wouldn’t hang on to them, but I can deal with that. In fact, I’ll probably spend the next month sitting on the couch staring and drooling at them.

Any thoughts on the purchase? Thoughts on black vs white vs stainless steel? Thoughts on gas vs electric? Thoughts on the sizes I got? Tips on removing super sticky tape from stainless steel?