Have I mentioned how much I love punny blog post titles? A couple weekends ago I got super friendly with a nail gun, ALL BY MYSELF. Jonny dropped it off on my back porch with the air compressor when I wasn’t home, and he asked me to bring it back up to him a week later so I knew I couldn’t procrastinate this one. And what do you know- just like my old blinds-hanging experience, it turned out to be really easy! You want to use a nail gun for a project like this, as opposed to regular nails or screws, because the gun sinks the tiny nails deep into the wood, just leaving a small hole to patch instead of a big nail head sticking out.

Here’s the nail gun, looking intimidating.

Until you lift it out of the case and realize that there’s only one possible thing to do- plug it into the air compressor and point and shoot (and wear safety gear of course). Oh, and plug in the air compressor and scare the living daylights out of poor Misty with all the racket it makes.

I used my trusty $7 saw and miter box from HD to cut the appropriate lengths of quarter-round

then I put them in place and let-er-go. The nail gun makes such a satisfying “PPSSHH-ahhh” noise… I had to stop myself from putting in a bazillion nails because I remembered that I don’t particularly like patching and sanding holes.

Then for my least favorite part- caulk. Seriously, I hate caulking. I would rather paint, scrape paint, eat stale bagels, tile, and grout than caulk. It’s so messy and you wipe it off with your finger and then you think you’ve gotten it all off your finger but you haven’t, so it ends up right back on your quarter-round or your floor or your hair… ugh. So anyway, I got all the pieces nicely caulked, which was a pain fitting the caulking gun behind the toilet and sink and caused me to use a couple expletives. So now all it needs is matching white paint and voila, a seamless transition from wall to floor. Wahoo! Oh and a note: make sure you use painter’s acrylic caulk on a project that’s going to be, well, painted. Use pure silicon for places like the shower that see lots and lots of water.

Here it is before:

and after I nailed the quater-round in place:

and looking much more finished after paint and caulk:

I was too lazy to wait for the paint to dry before snapping this picture, but trust me the paint is the same color as the baseboard when it dries.

After the wood floors are refinished, I’m going to have to put quarter-round on every single baseboard in the place so I’m glad I knocked the tiny bathroom out and got some good practice.

And I know I’ve said this before, but the bathroom is this close to being totally finished, or at least as finished as it’s going to get! The only thing I have left to do is decorate, which is a little scary for me.