While Jonny and I were taking a load to the dump and picking up my lovely new appliances, Stan stayed behind and finished tearing out the last couple 2x4s. Here’s how it looks now. We also moved the old stove over to the new stove’s future home. Don’t mind the 220V and old doorbell hanging there, and the floating heater vent. (Click here to see it before.)

The house already has a totally different feel with the wall gone. I love open floor plans. You walk in and you see 60% of the house, with the bedrooms and bathroom tucked away in the back.

Although I would love to keep everyone in suspense about what’s going to happen in the kitchen, I’ll show you the plan. Try to use the brick chimney and stove (where it is now) as a reference.

Here is my cabinet guy’s rendering of the “stove side”

and here is his rendering of the “sink side”

The renderings are a little deceiving because they make the floor space in the middle seem really big. When I asked for advice about getting a standard sized sink vs a smaller one (and thank you all so much for your input!) a few people suggested getting a small cart to add some counter space. If you look at the dimensions you’ll see that it’s not really possible- it’s pretty much a galley kitchen with just enough space to walk through. Actually Stan and I pretended to be using the stove and the sink at the same time, and it is comfortable, but if a third person wanted to get by we would have to squeeze. It’s less than ideal, but I think we’ve made the most of a really tiny space.

I emailed Sherry at Young House Love to ask her opinion on the sink matter (that woman is amazing- she got back to me in less than 12 hours!), and she suggested a standard sink to appeal to a broader audience for resale, but one that comes with a perfectly fitting cutting board for extra cutting space, or even just one of these.

Love it!

Oh and I might mention that this kitchen design has seen a lot of changes- some of which can be seen here, and before that here. I always knew I wanted to take out the wall, but my original vision for the kitchen was pretty different. Some really good advice that I’ve heard from a lot of people is to live in your house for a while before you make any major changes. While you’re living there, you’ll discover things about your lifestyle and taste that will definitely sway your final decisions.

What do you all think of the plan? Be honest, I can take it!