Choices choices choices! I’ve really been digging warm wood cabinets with slate gray tile and counter tops. It’s hard to show what the tile actually looks like as I’m not the greatest photographer.

This was taken with flash:

And this wasn’t:

But it’s the same tile. Amazing! I took the rest without flash so hopefully they look pretty true to life. So for the floor, I liked the above, or this one:

Both are gray with just a hint of brown. One is $1.77 a sq ft and the other is $1.45.

I always despised tile counter tops growing up, because you can’t roll out dough and they’re a pain to clean. But then I saw this beautiful tile counter top in the store! It’s a porcelain tile which apparently holds up to heat and scratches better than regular ol ceramic, they’re large pieces so there aren’t many grout lines, the grout lines are itty bitty, and the edges are beveled so it looks really nice. There are still a few weird things- the pieces aren’t big enough to cover the whole depth of the counter so you would definitely be able to tell it’s tile, and although the grout lines are tiny and there aren’t many, they are still there.

I am going to call around and see if I can get granite scraps, but I’m not going to bank on that too much. My other option is laminate. It’s just not worth it in my neighborhood to spring for the big bucks, and plus I have lived with laminate and I like it (as long as the previous tenants didn’t set a hot pan on it). Here are a couple samples I picked up.

I’m liking the one on the right. Is it too dark? The middle one has too much brown I think.

On to backsplashes!

How about some glass subway tiles? I’m not a huge fan of these honey colored ones…

…but maybe in more of a bluish color it would be great (like the one on the upper left in the photo below).

A lot of you really liked this picture that I posted before:

I really like it too. I think a glass backsplash would add a lot to my little kitch.

But my favorite thing I found was this! A frosted, aqua-blue (it’s actually clear but it looks aqua-blue) 2×6 subway tile sheet… ahh.

I can’t decide what I think about the rough edges though. Would it match the rest of what I have going on? Clean-lined shaker-style cabinets and slate gray tile/counters?

I love love love the color but I just don’t know about the rough edges. And yowza that price! But it’s a small space so it actually wouldn’t be too much money.

As always, I love to hear everyone’s feedback, so feel free to let me know what you think of the tile, my color choices, or anything else!