Or at least it is when you have twice as many people. A friend who wanted the old cabinets (or thought he did!) came over to get them, decided they might not be as great as he thought, and helped us tear them out anyway. With Stan, Duncan, Thayne, and myself, getting the cabinets out of there was easy peasy.

Here is the decent-looking “before” shot (after I cleaned up the nasty tile a bit as detailed in this post) and yes, that is all the counter space.

This is when we discovered that they probably weren’t going to come off in one piece:

We scored the top of the cabinets so that they would hopefully detach from the ceiling easily (as you can see below they wanted to take part of the ceiling with them). We unscrewed the sink from the drain. We pounded. We pulled. We pried. And almost poetically, the 84 year old cabinets, tile counter tops, and backsplash fell. I almost felt guilty for robbing them of the year that would have put them at the 85 year mark. Hopefully the walls and bones of the house will thank me though, for allowing them to display their true potential- one that proves that an 84 year-old house can provide the modern conveniences demanded by society in the year 2010.

We also ripped up the subflooring, which boasted a layer of paint and “sparkles” (courtesy of us), linoleum, particle board, and more linoleum/glue/staples. I actually kind of liked the bottom layer of linoleum- the faux wood pattern reminded me of something you would see at Ikea.

What we are left with is am empty 9’x7′ room.

A very, very small room in the world of kitchens, but a room full of potential.

A big thank you to Stan, Duncan, and Thayne for all the help! Thayne was particularly sad to see them go, since they would not be given a new life after all. I felt bad too but I know it had to be done.