That’s what I keep telling myself when I wake up in the morning and face this:

It’s the contents of my kitchen cabinets sprawled out all over the place. How could such a tiny kitchen hold so much? (PS I couldn’t find my camera- shocking I know- so this pic was taken with Photo Booth on my computer, which is why it’s backwards.)

And speaking of keeping calm and carrying on, why do I see this poster everywhere in blogland?

Don’t get me wrong, I really like it- it’s very soothing and reassuring, and well, calming. But seriously, lately as I “tour” people’s homes on their blogs, I find that everyone seems to have this! Am I missing something? Is owning this poster a pre-requisite to having a home renovating/decorating blog?

Oh and if you own this, I’m not trying to make you feel unoriginal, I’m simply wondering how this phenomenon managed to evade me, given that I spend 70% of my life on the internet. And hey, maybe I’ll join the ranks and get one of my own because I wasn’t kidding about liking it.