Sometimes when I finish a run, particularly a long-ish one, I can’t decide which is more important to do immediately afterward: shower or eat. I’m sweaty and itchy, but my stomach is also eating itself. And yes, the 5-10 minutes it takes to do one of the two is too long to make the other one wait. There is always a rather difficult choice to be made.

Well. The other night as I was driving home after an 8-mile run, a third choice presented itself.  Someone had put three chairs and a side table out in front of their house, and they were all cute enough to make me slam on the brakes and reverse to get a better look. I battled the choices in my head. I always have my eye open for chairs, especially cute and free ones. So I decided that I would go home, make a giant burrito, and carry it in a paper towel as I walked down the road. By the time I got to the adorable chairs my burrito would be finished, and I could use both hands to get at least one chair home before someone else did. The plan was perfect!

Ha- right. Before someone else did. That was my fatal mistake. By the time I got to the corner and was shoving the remainder of the burrito in my mouth, my heart sank as I saw two figures hard at work stacking all the furniture up on a dolly.

“Are you going to take all of it?” I asked politely. A toothless man looked me right in the eyes and said “Yes” in a way that made me not want to ask twice. I was so sad, and went on to make unfair judgments about him in my head (which I will spare you).

Needless to say, I cannot wait for the annual neighborhood cleanup.