I showed you the rendering of the “stove side” of the kitchen:

which includes a fancy range hood. I think it will make it seem much more open to not have any upper cabinets on this wall. Since I’ll have a tall pantry and lots of cabinet space, I don’t think storage will be a problem.

What is a problem is me deciding on a hood. I’m pretty sure I’ll go with an Arietta from Home Depot since they’re pretty cheap (unless someone else has a suggestion?) and the three they have are as follows:

This one is probably the most classic looking, but it’s also the most expensive at $400.

A tad cheaper at $350, this one is kinda cool and might break up all the boxiness of the kitchen.

This is the cheapest one at $300, and I like how it’s really simplistic. It might be the least overwhelming in my teensy space.

Decisions, decisions. I’ll probably also scour the classifieds and craigslist, but I think these are kind of a newish trend so I’m not sure anyone will be ripping any out. Feel free to weigh in with suggestions!

This weekend we got a lot of electrical work done in the kitchen, but I don’t have pictures yet so that’s why I’m posting about range hoods instead. Thank you thank you thank you to Stan and his dad Brad for spending hours in my nasty insulation-y attic installing recessed can lights, and running wires galore to power every possible electrical kitchen appliance that I might need or want in the future! Pics to come- it’s actually pretty cool.