I never realized how important (or fun!) electrical work really is! Probably because I’ve spent the past few months with just this measly sorry piece of hud to provide me with light when I’m mincing garlic. Yeah I’m talkin to you, single bare light bulb (no, I never bothered to put a fixture on it- my laziness astounds even me sometimes).

You can see my cute apron still hanging up!

So. Here is our new plan for the kitchen lighting. Lights are a circle with a plus sign. Outlets are a circle with an equals sign. It includes five recessed can lights (We “can” do it, get it??) and two hanging bar pendants, plus some under cabinet lighting on the sink side. We staggered the can lights off of the hood, which has its own light.

Since there are no uppers on the stove side, we did the lights more directly over the counters. We did the other three closer to the middle of the room, since we’ll have lights under the uppers on the sink side.

After some measuring and drawing on the ceiling, and crossing some things out and measuring again, we cut the holes for the can lights. You can even see where one of the pendant lights on the bar will go- where the blue circle is on the right.

We connected the five can fixtures on the floor- nice to get as much done as you can not in the attic. You can see how they make a loop and are all connected to each other.

I was really proud of myself because I helped!

Then Stan and his dad, bless their hearts, spent a good amount of time up in the attic fussing with getting the cans to line up with the holes, etc. Occasionally I would poke my head up there and inquire if my services were needed. Just those couple glimpses were enough to give me black boogers (I guess that means they’re doing their job). Sorry guys.


After all that work for the cans, we then ran wire to all the future outlets and switches. As you can see, there are a lot! Turns out that when people invent things like dishwashers, microwaves, disposals, and blenders, people like me need lots of outlets to power them!

We also ran a 220V for the stove. Wait, you say, I thought you got a super sweet gas stove? I did. The 220V is for resale- if any (crazy) future home shopper comes in and hates gas stoves, I can simply inform him/her that it’s already wired for an electric stove too. That 220 cable is BIG. We got rid of the old 220 cable in the other spot which was hanging down too.

Although it’s not quite like shopping for fun things like throw pillows and wall stencils, electrical work is quite fun and interesting! I sure feel like I know my house better, now that I have had a “behind the scenes” look. I definitely appreciate flipping on a switch more now.

Has anyone else ever braved any electrical work before? Not that I braved anything- I was working with (and sometimes staring confusedly at) a real-life electrician and his son so yeah I kinda had that advantage.

How about stoves? Does anyone out there hate a gas or electric stove so much that you would ask the seller if it was prepped for the other kind?

And lastly- a huge, HUGE, jumbo-sized THANK YOU to Stan and his dad, Brad (who have already helped me before). My heart is seriously swelling with gratitude. And a giant thank-you to Duncan too, who made us the most amazing heavenly meal that night.

My sister is coming on Wednesday and my dad is coming on Thursday to join the fun- look out kitchen here we come!