Tonight is the night my lovely sister arrives in SLC! Isn’t she cute? (She’s on the left.)

Do we look alike? Some say definitely, some say not at all.

This lean mean ex-gymnast hard-working machine is coming out here sans kiddos to get some serious work done on my kitchen. She pretty much rocks.

In fact, I’ll let you see for yourself. Here is their house in Houston when they bought it. She always says that it looks like a trailer (sorry Kami but you’re kinda right!)

Here is how it looks now:

Check out that yard! Pretty great what some paint and landscaping can do for a place.  They’ve done great things on the inside too. I wish I could tell you to check out her blog to see more, but I think she hasn’t updated it in about 7 months (it’s the one called “Sister” over on the right).

Don’t I have a nice sister?