This is a quickie blog post- no time for my usual ramblings. (Don’t cry.)

First we had to finish ripping out walls. This old ironing board/spice cabinet thing was right in the way of where the fridge needs to go.

Here is the skeleton kitchen, all stripped bare. You can see the little “platform” where the fridge will go. It’s not ideal to have it floating a foot above the floor like that, but trust me in this tiny space I’m pretty sure it was the best option. The platform is raised because the stairs are right underneath, and I couldn’t afford to lose any head clearance.

And here is my lovely family dressing the skeleton kitchen! Or, sheetrocking. Don’t worry, Jonny cut that nasty mullet soon after this picture was taken.

Although my beautiful cabinets are in, counter tops on, and appliances in their places, these really are the most up-to-date pictures I have at the moment. So stay tuned and I will show you more (honest)!