A crappy cell phone picture you wanted, and a crappy cell phone picture you shall get.

I quite like the “ridiculous mess of tools” look, don’t you?

It is coming together, but there is still sooooo much to do.  Like…

  • Caulk and paint
  • Make the fridge look more built-in
  • Backsplash
  • Threshold between tile and wood
  • Wood floors- eegads.
  • Stain back door
  • Finish up electrical
  • Bar lights

But before we get carried away with all the to-dos, let’s take a look at how far things have come, shall we?

Before move-in:

After making it livable:

Really opens the place up, huh? Thanks so much to my wonderful personal renovation team! Stay tuned for more…

PS- Last night we put all the crap in the cabinets, and I was sure I would find my camera- but no! This is getting ridiculous!