…to come home from work to this:

instead of this:

I totally lucked out and got a remote control gas log for 50% off at Lowe’s. I had had my eyes open for one, but I thought I had missed them all. I know, I know- a remote control fireplace? Come on. But it’s super cool- the remote has a built-in thermostat, so wherever the remote has been set down- that is how far the fireplace will heat to. Does that make sense? I know that my grammar is terrible in this post, but please forgive me as it’s very late…zzzz

Anyhow, the fireplace ended up costing more than I thought it would- the gas log itself was $180, but it was another $255 to have the plumbers run a gas line over there. Everything is completely accessible in the basement, but apparently for some reason they have to run it outside and come back in? I dunno, I wasn’t really listening. But since spring has been tricky this year and the Utah snow gods keep dumping snow even after my surprise tulips bloomed, I think it was money well spent. It sure is nice to sit by the fire with snow falling outside, and let’s get real- I would probably realistically build a real fire maybe… twice a year. Or zero, looking at historical trends.

Does anyone have an opinion on fireplaces? Real vs fake? Anyone have one of those TV screen fireplaces?

Oh and PS- yes that is my microwave, and not the TV. What can I say- I realllllly enjoy watching a good burrito once in a while.