Okay, so I know I was freaking out a while back about whether to get a standard 33″ sink or a smaller one in my tiny kitchen… and I got lots of really good advice. Then why, why, why didn’t I heed it?

Well, the more I looked at that side of the kitchen, the more I thought it would just look better, and more importantly work better, to go with a smaller one.

Here’s how it looks:

And I’ve laid down my level and a dowel so you can see how a standard sink would look:

Yeah, you can really tell huh? Ha.

It’s a 24-inch sink, and I made sure to get a deep one so it didn’t feel so small. And with my giant arching faucet (that I accidentally paid waaay too much for- more on that later) I can fit just about any huge pot or vat under it. The cabinet base was built for a standard 33″ sink, but all that really matters is how you cut out the counter top. And if someone ever wanted a standard one, it is entirely possible to just cut out a bigger hole in the counter top.

The counter to the left of the sink is much more functional this way, and I just think that overall the 24″ sink fits this kitchen much better. I like the single sink because now that I have a dishwasher I will rarely wash things by hand, except maybe a big pot, but that fits better in a single sink anyway in my humble opinion. But I really do appreciate all the input!