I have this giant table. I like the giant table. I can fit friends and food at it, so it’s pretty sweet. It’s especially sweet since I happen to have this giant dining room. (Giant compared to the other rooms in the house.)

This is how I’ve had the table arranged. I thought that since the room was long, I should put the table hot dog style. Er… lengthwise.

I wish I had a pic that showed the whole room, but basically with the table this way there was a big void.

Then the other night we tried it the other way, which I like a lot better. Why didn’t I think of it before?

I guess that now that there’s a bar in the kitchen, and the kitchen effectively extends about 2.5 feet into the dining room, there’s not really room for the table to go lengthwise anyway.

Here it is from the front door before- you can see the awkward space I was talking about, there to the left.

OK well if I knew the first thing about taking a good picture, then you would be able to see that the space is much less awkward now that it is pleasantly filled by the table. And you also might be able to see something, anything, in focus.

Or maybe I’m crazy. Anyhow, in real life I like it much better this way.