Wow. Two blog awards at once! Well, the same award but from two people. A huge thank you to Amanda at Little House on the Corner and Hillary at The Sweet Maple Life!

So I totally feel like a bratty beauty queen telling her people to “put all the extra roses over there” or something, but I realized that I am not necessarily notified when getting these awards… so if you give me one will you send me an email letting me know? Otherwise I may accidentally miss it and end up looking like an ungrateful bey-otch, and nobody wants that. Or, you could possibly  let me in on the secret to getting notified of such things?


Now for my blog love in no particular order  (I cannot guarantee that none of these are repeats).

  1. Anything Pretty
  2. Tearing Up Houses
  3. five2eight
  4. Pineapples & Parquet
  5. The Brick Cottage
  6. Little Red Roost

I’m not sure how many I was supposed to do, so I’ll just stop at 6. Happy browsing!