Yeesh- seriously who wants to read this crap? Oh well, I have a spare sec, so I suppose I’ll do the ol’ 100 things about me post for my 100th post. Here goes!

  1. I’m the youngest of 4.
  2. I’ve eaten a llama sandwich.
  3. I used to think I wanted a bazillion kids.
  4. I still want some, but not a bazillion.
  5. I hate dirty gross bathrooms.
  6. I’m afraid to start watching certain shows, because I’ll get sucked in.
  7. Like I did with LOST and 30 Rock.
  8. I guess you could say I’m a runner.
  9. I may never do another marathon after this one coming up (my first). Too time-consuming.
  10. However, I think everyone should try it if they are physically able- or at least a half-marathon.
  11. I liked Modest Mouse before they got big, but that’s the only band I can say that about.
  12. My favorite band is Daft Punk.
  13. I like to listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
  14. I thought I was going to be a singer when I grew up.
  15. I even recorded some original songs in a studio. I think the guy felt bad for me because if I remember correctly, he didn’t charge me for the session. (This is really cracking me up right now!)
  16. My dad used to play that tape in the car, either to make me mad or because fathers love their daughters so much that they can’t hear the awfulness. Oh, the angst.
  17. I got piano performance scholarships to a couple schools, but didn’t end up majoring in music.
  18. My good friend Allison is on an LDS mission in Uruguay right now, and when she gets back we are going to start a band called “Grandma”.
  19. I like putting on temporary tattoos.
  20. The trunk of my car is held shut by a shed latch and a padlock.
  21. I want to get a “University of Utah Alumni” sticker for my POS car, because I think it would be funny. Like saying, “You too can have a sweet ride like this if you eat your vegetables and get a good education!”
  22. My nickname for a very long time was “Patrick”. Long story.
  23. The next nickname I had was “Tink”, because I had a short pixie haircut. This one was so prevalent that there were a few people who didn’t know who Amanda was. Honest.
  24. Then I had a short-lived, but hilarious, nickname of “Skort”, because yes, I wore a skort.
  25. Also, “Hat”. aaahahahaha!
  26. I despise magazines like Seventeen, Glamour, and Cosmo (sorry Kristin!)
  27. But if there is a Cosmo laying around at Kristin’s house, I will pick it up and devour it with transfixed repulsion, unable to tear myself away or participate in what’s going on around me. Those people are disgustingly good at what they do.
  28. My favorite books are: The Catcher in the Rye
  29. The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar
  30. Into the Wild
  31. Ishmael (Watch it, this one may shake your world. It’s a little boring at first though.)
  32. A Clockwork Orange
  33. The Kite Runner
  34. My favorite movies are: Dr. Strangelove
  35. Tommy Boy
  36. The Princess Bride
  37. The Emperor’s New Groove
  38. I had to check my facebook profile to remind myself what my favorite books and movies are. I realized it’s pretty outdated!
  39. I watched Blood Diamond and was so disturbed that I will never own a diamond. Unless maybe, I know for a fact that it was mined in Canada or something (which is pretty much impossible to tell so yeah, probably not) or if it’s manmade.
  40. I call myself a vegetarian but I still eat meat sometimes, like if it feels culturally awkward to say no, or if it’s a special occasion.
  41. If I don’t call myself the V-word, I’ll end up with a turkey sandwich at work and other functions every time.
  42. I (mostly) abstain from meat not because I think it’s wrong to kill animals, but because I don’t like how meat is manufactured, not grown, nowadays. It’s gross and it ain’t right. And I’m too cheap for farm-raised grass-eating organic hot-tub-sitting meat, so yeah. Just say no. (Most of the time.)
  43. I think I have a weird thing where I like things to be a little messy. If I clean my room, I’ll admire how clean and organized it is and how I can see every inch of carpet, but then I’ll leave my clothes on the floor. It’s like my subconscious is afraid of being tidy.
  44. I was Valedictorian of my high school. Okay, so there were 7 of us, out of 35 kids. Ha! (Don’t ask me how that works.) But yah you betcha I still put it on my resume.
  45. I grew up in a cabin on the Colorado River.
  46. We only had a wood-burning stove for heat.
  47. I learned valuable lessons from hauling wood. If we didn’t take the time to haul the wood from way out in the wood shed up to the back porch, then on a particularly cold and snowy night we’d have to go trudging out through the snow all the way out to the shed. Folks, when it comes to wood and to life, don’t wait to do the hard parts until it’s dark and snowy- do it while it’s warm and sunny out. Just call me Aesop.
  48. My family members are all pretty much renovationholics too. My parents are still buying junkers and fixing them up. Where they live, it’s common to find houses (fixer-uppers) in the $25-30k range- no lie.
  49. Sometimes I still sleep with a stuffed dog named Otis.
  50. The only reason is because he fits perfectly under my arm when I lay on my side.
  51. My brother Jonny and I think it’s hilarious when people punctuate a question with a period. We’ll frequently send each other texts such as “What are you doing tonight.” and “Are you going to Grandpa’s for dinner.”
  52. My grandma is a published author- she wrote “Bones in the Well- The Haun’s Mill Massacre” and some other nonfiction books.
  53. The other night I honked at a bunch of dolled-up frat-looking guys going to a club, because they saw me coming and decided it would be a good idea to cross the street anyway. I was going home to go to bed, and my crotchetiness at these youngsters made me feel really, really old.
  54. I would never be attracted to a guy who spent more time/money on his personal appearance than I do (not that that would be terribly difficult!).
  55. I’ve always been thrifty bordering on cheap. In high school we’d go to the gas station (because it was cool, duh) and I’d never get any snacks but my friends would. My friend Georgia would always buy me something. One time she went in alone, and the cashier said “It’s a lot cheaper without your little blonde friend, huh?” Oops.
  56. One time I rappelled down a waterfall. Then I climbed up a waterfall, in a cave. How hardcore is THAT.
  57. Another time, I was rappelling and my ponytail got stuck in the rope just as I’d kicked off. My hair stopped me and I dangled for a while, slowly lowering. My hair was ropeburned.
  58. I like to cook.
  59. I was in the “gifted and talented” program in school. My life sure turned out pretty average for someone who is “gifted and talented”.
  60. Average/normal is okay for me now though, because it’s the people in my life that make it extraordinary. Cheezball, but true.
  61. However, I would still like to travel and do other awesome things.
  62. I was a Resident Advisor for two years at the University of Utah.
  63. My first kitten’s name was Billy.
  64. My sister’s was named Cuddles.
  65. That said a lot about our personalities back then.
  66. I used to love dogs- as in, I wanted to be one- and I would chew on chicken bones the way cartoon dogs do.
  67. I used to wish that I could fly every chance I got- birthday candles, wish bone, you name it. “I wish I could fly.”
  68. I laugh a lot, I think a little more than normal.
  69. I probably cry a little more than normal too.
  70. I want to get a Master of Nutrition. With this I will either:
  71. Help people lose weight or:
  72. Help people in the developing world get access to adequate nutrition.
  73. I always thought I would do something like join the Peace Corps and I’m scared that one day I’ll wake up when I’m 47 and cry because I never did it.
  74. My undergrad is in International Studies, with minors in Business and Spanish.
  75. I did a study abroad in Argentina (language intensive for one month) then traveled for five more weeks after that all around the continent with my friend Paul. It was a riot.
  76. My siblings and I are pretty close. As in, I still get farted on sometimes. Gross.
  77. As in, they’ll fly/drive long distances to my home and stay for a while to help me remodel my kitchen.
  78. My nieces and nephews are some of my favorite peeps in the world.
  79. Golly, my parents are too!
  80. My new driver’s license photo looks like a mom of four just barely rolled out of bed in time to mat her hair to her head, draw on a pimple, and make a godawful scowl at the camera. And I did my hair that day!
  81. I don’t believe that being slightly different around different groups of people makes someone less genuine. I think it makes them adaptable. 🙂
  82. I like doing sideways smilies 🙂 except on the blog they turn into right-side-up yellow smilies. I’ve noticed lately that the cool thing to do seems to be to do them the opposite way (-:
  83. Circus peanuts are gross, dad. And so are Nibs or whatever they’re called.
  84. My family makes fun of me for doing yuppie things like drinking Pellegrino and buying hippie environmentally friendly household cleaners. Whatev, they smell good.
  85. I enjoy trying to do my part to save the earth, but I despise “greenwashing”. Wolves in sheep’s clothing, I tell ya!
  86. I find politics fascinating but I can’t bring myself to commit to a party because they are all ridiculous in one way or another.
  87. I believe in tough love, but I try to remind myself that unconditional love is more important. Try.
  88. I worry a lot about what other people think of me. Am I too shy? Am I annoying because I’m trying to compensate for being shy? Am I nice enough? Does it seem fake? Am I too grumpy? If I don’t complain about something, will I fit in? Can people tell I’m worrying about all these things? (I guess they can now)
  89. I’m pretty sure I fell in love for the first time in first grade. I drew a picture of us getting married. I found him on facebook and yeah… not as attractive as I remember.
  90. My mom can tell when I’m having a rough go, all the way from Oklahoma. Sometimes I’ll call her when I’ve been depressed, and she’ll already know. True story.
  91. I’ve gained weight during marathon training. Not cool.
  92. My boyfriend is a super smart hydrogeologist named Stan. He likes good music and going hiking. He’s a year into his master’s program- woot! He also really enjoys doing projects around my house. 🙂
  93. I went to prom four times. I’m not bragging, there just aren’t that many people to ask when the average class size is 35. In fact you could say it’s the opposite of bragging.
  94. My day job is doing Marketing & Communications at a state-funded economic development agency called USTAR- Utah Science, Technology and Research.
  95. I get Fridays off because I work 4 ten-hour days. I love it!
  96. One time I didn’t do my taxes for three years. Oops.
  97. Am I done yet?
  98. I like to go skiing but I’m not that good at it.
  99. I have a nice bike (I think it’s worth more than my car, which technically makes me a granola).
  100. I like sushi but only when it’s half price!

If you read all that, congratulations! And to thank you for reading 100 things about me and reading my blog, I am going to try my darndest to do the cool thing and do a giveaway sometime soon. Possibly even today, but I’m not promising anything.