I am officially a cool blogger- I am having a giveaway! Since I devoted three whole items on my boring list of 100 things about me to vegetarianism, what better gift to give than a brand-new Williams-Sonoma Vegetarian cookbook?? (Don’t answer that.)

Honestly folks, even if you have bacon for breakfast, roast beef sandwiches for lunch, and pot roast for dinner on a regular basis, I can still promise you that you’ll find something in here that will rock your world. It’s full of gratins (cheesy saucy vegetables for you non-foodies), quiches, non-rabbit-food-tasting salads, and all sorts of other vegetable concoctions. Disclaimer: vegetarian does not necessarily equal healthy. Especially in this book- these W-S guys don’t mess around!

To enter the giveaway, simply comment on this post. You can even tell me something fun, like what you really think of vegetarians, or what you had for breakfast today, or maybe what your dog’s name is. Just something about yourself, because I’m curious. A winner will be chosen at random on oh… let’s say Wednesday? Okay, Wednesday it is. I’ll try to figure out how to use random.org, but if I can’t I may have to write down the names and draw them out of a hat. Either way, I promise it will not be rigged so show me some love and leave me a comment!